Lemon Drop Cookies

Hawaiian Snacks Fundraiser

Pizza Fundraiser

36' Smile Face Party Grad Balloon

Banners, Posters & Signs - Graduation Fundraiser Cont'd

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Kona Mocha Macadamia Nut Cookies


White Orchid Lei

Gourmet Hot Dogs
​Gourmet Sausages
Types Of Fundraisers & Products
Macadamia Nut Cookies
Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut
Pecan Coconut Cookies

Red Velvet

German Chocolate

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Steaks (1 oz)

Flavors - Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Hot

​Case Count 6/12 - 72CT

Jerky (1.25 oz)

Flavors - Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Hot, KC Masterpiece, Barbecue, Jalapeno, Original Hickory Smokehouse

​Case Count 6/12 - 72 CT

 Tropical Fruit Pack
(Coconut, Pineapple, Papaya, Banana & Mango)​
Wet Li Hing Mango

Yellow Orchid Lei

Sticks (1.5 oz)

Flavors - Original, Teriyaki, Pepperoni, Hot n' Spicy, Original Turkey

​Case Count 6/24 - 144 CT

Peanut Butter Cup

18' Congrats Grad Stripes Balloon

Vanilla Bean

Maple Bacon

Cupcake Fundraisers

Mushroom & Olive Pizza

Seafood Pizza

Portuguese Sausage
Kalua Pork

TUF Will Give You VIP Treatment & The ABSOLUTE BEST Fundraisng Experience!

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Green Mongo Shell Lei

Lil' Chub Sausage (1.625 oz)
Flavors - Original, Hot
Case Count 6/24 - 144CT​

Li Hing Mango

Mega Jerky (8 oz)
Flavors - Original, Teriyaki, Peppered
Case Count 1/8 - 8CT​, 1/16 - 16 CT



Fundraising Company!!!

18' Congrats Grad Spotlight Balloon

Yellow Mongo Shell Lei

Kalua Chicken
Pork Laulau


Carrot Cake

Peanut Butter Cup

Meat & Cheese Snack Packs(1.2 oz)

Flavors - All American, Jalapeno Sizzle, Turkey and Cheeese

​Case Count 12/16 - 192 CT

Tender Cuts Prime Rib (2.6 oz)

Case Count 1/12 - 12CT​

Balloons - Graduation Fundraiser Cont'd

Jerky (5.85 oz)

Flavors - Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Hot, BBQ Pork, Original Hickory Smokehouse, KC Masterpiece Barbeque, Jalapeno, Sriracha, Orignal Turkey, Sweet Teriyaki Turkey

​Case Count 1/8 - 8CT

Pepperoni Sticks (.8 oz)
Flavors - Original, Hot & Spicy
Case Count 6/20 - 120 CT
Roast Pork
Char Siu Pork
Peanut Butter Cookies


Pink Princess Grad Boquet Of Balloons (Pkg)

Cheese Pizza

Purple Orchid Lei

We here at TUFpride ourselves on having the BEST Fundraising options along with CustomizingALL of our FundraisersEXACTLY to your needs! With this being said, we have put together an amazing array of different types of Fundraisers with the BEST products & BEST prices in Hawaii! This will allow your organization to have many different Fundraising options where you don’t even use the same Fundraisers or products twice in the same year! 

***Here at TUF, we customize ALL of our Fundraisers exactly to your needs, so if you have either seen or experienced a different Fundraising option besides the ones you see below, please request it and we implement if for your organization.***

***PLEASE scroll down to the bottom & submit your info, so we can contact you and give you additional information on all of our Fundraisers!!!***                                Or you can just give us a call at (808)888-5692!
Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies

Chocolate Dessert Pizza

Turkey Snack Bites Original (5 oz) 

Case Count 1/8 - 8CT

Meat & Cheese Packs (1.2 oz)

​Flavors - All American, Jalapeno Sizzle, Turkey and Cheese

​Case Count 12/16 - 192 CT

Chocolate Mint

Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

Brown Kukui Nut Lei

Classics (.45 oz)
Flavors - Original
Case Count 8/50 - 400CT

36' 2 Cool 4 School Balloon

Teriyaki Beef
Huli Huli Chicken

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza


Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Honey Roasted Cornflake Cookies
​Gourmet Mini Pizzas
Gourmet Hamburgers

Hawaii's ONLY Full-Service One-Stop-Shop Fundraising Company!!!

Pepperoni Pizza

Cookies & Cream


Supreme Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

31' Hello Kitty Grad Balloon

Types Of Fundraisers
-Hawaiian Snack Fundraiser
-Hawaiian Food Fundraiser
-Gourmet Cookie Fundraiser
-Car Wash Fundraiser
-Hawaiian Meat & Seafood Fundraiser
-Lei Fundraiser
-Graduation Fundraiser
-3 Beef Jerky Fundraisers
-4 Different Pride Fundraisers
-All American Snack Fundraiser
-All American Food Fundraiser
-All American Meat & Seafood Fundraiser
-Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser
-Sauces, Seasonings, Jams & Jellies Fundraiser
-Pizza Fundraiser
-Holiday Fundraisers (4th OF July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Etc.)
-Dessert Fundraiser
-Cupcake Fundraiser
-Baking Fundraiser
-Cooking Fundraiser
-Drink Fundraiser
-Fruits & Vegetables Fundraiser
-ID Cards Fundraiser
-Hi-End Fundraiser
-Donation Fundraiser
-Services Fundraiser
-Household Fundraiser
-Gift Card Fundraiser
-Candy Bars Fundraiser
-Chocolates Fundraiser
-Lollipops Fundraiser
-Candy Fundraiser

GUARANTEED Hawaii's BEST Fundraising Company!!!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Meat Lovers Pizza

Honey Roasted Cornflake Cookies

Hot & Spicy Pizza

Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies


Italian Pizza

The Ultimate Supreme Pizza


30' Hot Air Balloon Grad Balloon


Pesto, Spinach Artichoke Pizza

***If you're interested in more info, please scroll down to fill out the form and get in touch with us.***
   Beef Jerky
Snack Attack Pack
(Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Arare,
Li Hing Mango & Seeds)​

Beef Jerky Fundraiser

Classic Cookies
SQUATCH XXL Stick (2.2oz)

Flavors - Original, Mild, Hot

​Case Count 6/24 - 144 CT

Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies
Chicken Laulau
Jerky (5.85 oz)
Flavors - Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Hot, BBQ Pork, Original Hickory Smokehouse, KC Masterpiece Barbecue, Jalapeno, Sriracha, Original Turkey, Sweet Teriyaki Turkey
Case Count 1/8 - 8CT​
SQUATCH Sticks (1 oz)
Flavors - Original, Hot, Mild 
Case Count 2/20 - 40 CT

​6/20 - 120 CT

GUARANTEED Hawaii's BEST Fundraising Company!!!


Grad Honors Boquet Of Balloons (Pkg)



Vegetarian Pizza

Taco Pizza

Teriyaki Pork
Pay It Forward Referral Program!!! 

Gourmet Cookies Fundraiser

GUARANTEED Hawaii's BEST Fundraising Company!!!

Double Chocolate

Small Batch Handcrafted Jerky (2.5 oz)
Case Count 1/8 - 8CT​

Smoked Meat

Grad Celebration Boquet Balloons (Pkg)

Garlic Chicken Pizza

Caramel Macchiato

Trail Mix

"The best part of TUF is that the fundraiser does not cost anything to start. The last thing one needs is to pay for a fundraiser when they are in need of money."
​-Darrell S.

"TUF made the whole fundraising process stress free; they were there for me every step of the way. TUF truly cares about their customers and their situations."
-Tioni T.

"TUF really sets up their customers up to succeed by providing great marketing materials and quality products."
-Marissa S

​​​​We GUARANTEE To Be Hawaii's BEST Fundraiser
Or We Will Give You $10,000 CASH!!!

BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza

Hawaiian Food Fundraiser

Tender Cuts Prime Rib (5.6 oz)
Case Count 1/8 - 8CT​


Garlic Herb Pizza


Tender Cuts Prime Rib (1 oz)

Case Count 1/48 - 48CT​

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies
Kalua Turkey

German Chocolate

Leis & Graduation Fundraiser

Pumpkin Crunch


Tender Bites (1 oz)
Flavors - Original, Teriyaki
Case Count 1/48 - 48CT​


All American Snack Food Fundraiser

Peanut Butter Cookies
Need A Fundraiser???
Know Someone Who Needs A Fundraiser???
Earn $100 CASH for EACH & EVERY Fundraiser Referral. Call Us today.

Black Kukui Nut Lei

Tiger Kukui Nut Lei

BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Lomi Lomi Salmon

Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies

17' Shoot For The Stars Grad Balloon

Connect With Us


White Mongo Shell Lei

22' Black Graduation Cap Balloon

Jerky Chew

Flavors - Original, Teriyaki

Case Count 6/36 - 216 CT

Honey Roasted Cornflake Cookies

Black & White Grad Balloons (Pkg)

All American Food Fundraiser

Salted Caramel

Guaranteed Hawaii's Best Fundraiser, Find A Better Fundraiser & We Will Pay You $10,000 CASH!!! 
Sticks 9-Pack (7.2 oz)
Flavors - Original, Pepperoni, Original Turkey
Case Count, 1/12 - 12 CT

Meat & Seafood Fundraiser

Cinnamon Macadamia Nut Cookies

Fruit Dessert Pizza


Hawaii's EASIEST & Most Profitable FREE Fundraiser!!!

Call us today @ (808)755-9323 or (800)203-9409

Facebook: The Ultimate Fundraiser * Twitter: TheUltimateFR

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Types Of Fundraisers
TUF Fundraising Consultants

The Ultimate Fundraiser is Hawaii’s ONLY Fundraising Consultants. We are a team of specialized individuals that are experts in Fundraising industry with years of experience in all areas of Fundraising. TUF Fundraising Consultants was created to help organizations and individuals with their overall Fundraising experience and goals while giving them the BEST advice and guidance that the industry has to offer. TUF is a Full-Service One-Stop-Shop Fundraising Company that covers a wide variety of different types of Fundraisers which allows us to have a massive amount of experience in all Fundraising across the board. With all of this experience, it allows us to help direct you what to do and how to do it to give you and your organization the BESTFundraising results.

Pay It Forward Referral Program
Need A Fundraiser??? Know Someone Who Needs A Fundraiser???
This is the absolutely the EASIESTway for you and/or your organization to make EASY money! TUF pays you up to $100 CASHfor EACH EVERY Fundraiser referral you provide us, which turns into a Fundraiser! And please remember, we will do a Fundraiser with basically ANY organization such as Schools, Churches, Charities/No-Profits, Sports Teams & even Families(Weddings, Funerals, Bill, Rent/Mortgage, Family Reunions, Family Vacations & MUCH MORE)!!! All you have to do is call us with the basic info of the organization and refer them to us. It just takes you a simple 2-minute phone call and we will do the rest! It’s just that easy!!!

FREE Products
That’s right, you read it correctly, FREEproducts! Want to raise money without having to spend ANYmoney AT ALL??? We will give you FREEproducts with NO Upfront Costs! TUF will give you & your organization FREE products to sell in any way you want! That means you don’t pay us a single penny until after you make you make your profits! As you sell your products and need more, we will keep delivering more products right to your organization to fit your needs! For more information on this option, please contact us.

Purchase Products
This is the classic Fundraising option to purchase our great and tasty products ahead of time in order for your organization to raise money. This is a quick and easy option that helps you raise a minimum of 40%-70%! On top of that, TUF will even drop off the products right to your organizations front door!

Pre-Sale Fundraisers
This is by far our most popular Fundraising option! This option is TOTALLY FREEwith absolutely NO Start Up Costs! This is where we provide your ENTIRE organization the BEST marketing materials and packages which your organization uses to Pre-Sell Products & earning anywhere from 30%-70%! This is a great advantage because you don’t have to purchase or guess how many products your organization will sell. Within our Pre-Sale Fundraiser option, we have MANY different types of Fundraisers and products to choose from such as Hawaiian Snacks, Hawaiian Food, Meat & Seafood, Car Wash, Graduation & MUCH MORE! You can pick, mix and match products and the type of Fundraisers to suit your organization’s needs.

BIG Profit Events
This is another one of our most popular Fundraising options! Our BIG Profit Events allow your organization to choose from MANYof our event options such as Casino Nights, Golf Tournaments, Bowling Tournaments, Concerts, Silent Auctions and many more! This is a great option because we (TUF), take care of the ENTIRE Fundraiser for you including getting the Location, Food, Music, Decorations, Silent Auction Items and much more for the event. The only work your organization has to do is sell tickets and provide a few volunteers on the night of the event. One of the BESTaspects of this Fundraiser option, is that your organization can earn $5,000-$50,000+ in just ONE DAY!!!

Store Front Sales Fundraising
This is a great Fundraising option for those organizations who like to make A LOT of money in just one day with very limited work. We here at TUF have partnered with many great local store locations such as WalMart, Safeway and many others in order to do Store Front Sales. We provide you EVERYTHING you will need including doing all the work by lining up the day, date, location of the store, providing your organization tables, chairs, marketing materials, banners, stylish TUF shirts to help you sell AND even give you our great products to sell for FREE! All you have to do is show up to the location and sell the products. It’s just that easy!

Door To Door Fundraising
This is a great option for those organizations who need money quick and are proactive! We will give your organization FREE amazing TUF company shirts which will make your organization look professional, all the incredible marketing materials you will needs, along with providing you FREE products with NO Up-Front Costs! As you need more product, we will keep providing it to you no matter how much you need! All you have to do is sell the products Door To Door & you will earn EASY $$$!!!

​Donation Mail Out Program
Want a REALLY EASYFundraiser that allows you to do
ZERO (And yes we said ZERO) money AND ZERO (And yes we mean ZERO) amount of work while making TONS of money??? Well, then this it! All you need provide is your Mail Out List AND TUF does ALL OF THE WORK including paying for EVERYTHING! This Fundraiser is directed for Schools, Churches, Charities/Non-Profits and large Sports Programs/Leagues! This is the ABSOLUTE EASIESTFundraiser we offer!!!

Sports/School/Church Concession Fundraising
Want some FREE products for your Sports Team or School???
This is an outstanding Program for those Sports Teams and Schools out there who want to make extra money with absolutelyNOUp-Front Costs! That’s right, TUF provide your Sports Team or School with our local tasty treats for you to sell at your game or event COMPLETELY FREE! We will do this for your ENTIRE season and for all your events along with delivering the products right to you!

Have TUF At Your Event!!!
Do you want TUF to show up at your event to help you earn some extra money???
TUF will show up to your event COMPLETELY FREE along with bringing EVERYTHINGwe will need to help you raise as much money as possible! This includes tables, chairs, marketing materials, banners and even FREE products to sell at your event. You not only earn money for the products sales, but we will also donate up $100 CASH for EACH & EVERY warm FundraiserREFERRAL we get at your event that turns into a Fundraiser! Call us TODAY to have TUF at your event!!!

Coming Soon…
On top of MANYof our amazing Fundraising options listed above, we here at TUF are adding in more FundraisersEACH & EVERY day! In order to help you raise even more money, we will be adding a number of new Fundraiser options soon such as Car Donation/Sales, Gift Cards, Online Malls, Online Gaming, Grocery Store Sales % and even other Services/Products offered by TUF Partnering Vendors!!!