TUF Will Give You VIP Treatment & The ABSOLUTE BEST Fundraisng Experience!

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Hawaii's ONLY Full-Service One-Stop-Shop Fundraising Company!!!

Hawaii's EASIEST & Most Profitable FREE Fundraiser!!!

Call us today @ (808)755-9323 or (800)203-9409

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"The best part of TUF is that the fundraiser does not cost anything to start. The last thing one needs is to pay for a fundraiser when they are in need of money."
​-Darrell S.

"TUF made the whole fundraising process stress free; they were there for me every step of the way. TUF truly cares about their customers and their situations."
-Tioni T.

"TUF really sets up their customers up to succeed by providing great marketing materials and quality products."
-Marissa S

​​​​We GUARANTEE To Be Hawaii's BEST Fundraiser
Or We Will Give You $10,000 CASH!!!

Guaranteed Hawaii's Best Fundraiser, Find A Better Fundraiser & We Will Pay You $10,000 CASH!!! 

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Need A Fundraiser???
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Earn $100 CASH for EACH & EVERY Fundraiser Referral. Call Us today.
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GUARANTEED Hawaii's BEST Fundraising Company!!!


Fundraising Company!!!

If You're Interested In Fundraising Or Would Like More Information, Please Fill In The Form Below, Submit It And We Will Be Glad To Get In Touch With You.
***If you're interested in more info, please scroll down to fill out the form and get in touch with us.***
​​​​​​We take GREAT PRIDE in our work and the services we offer, constantly aspiring to fulfill our mission of helping organizations grow and succeed. Allowing us to "Take The Headache Out Of Your Next Fundraiser" will be one of the BEST decisions you will make for your organization. Over the duration of our time together, you will soon realize the incredible benefits we provide and why The Ultimate Fundraiser is one of the leading ground breaking companies in the industry!

Services TUF Provides
1.) NO RISK! TUF Services Are TOTALLY FREE!!!
2.) TUF Does Basically ALL The Work For You!!!
3.) Help Organize Fundraisers A-Z!
4.) Help Organizations How To Maximize Their Profits!
5.) Hands On Help With EVERY Fundraiser!
6.) Hold Multiple Live Presentations For Organizations!
7.) Provide FREE Marketing Materials!
8.) TUF Handles & Does Accounting For ALL Products & Money!
9.) TUF Supports Local Businesses!
10.) TUF Gives TONS Of Prizes For Kids AND Adults!!!

NO Minimums
1.) NO Start Up Costs!
2.) NO Minimum # Of Members!
3.) NO Minimum # Of Packets!

1.) We GUARANTEE The BEST Customer Service Of ANYFundraiser In The Country!!!
2.) We GUARANTEE To Increase & Maximize Your Earning Potential!!!
3.) We GUARANTEE To Know Your Organization BETTER Than Any Other Company!!!
4.) We GUARANTEE The BEST prizes Of ANY Fundraiser In The Country!!!

Categories Of  Pre-Sale Fundraisers

1.) Hawaiian Snacks
2.) Hawaiian Food
3.) Hawaiian Meat & Seafood
4.) Lei & Graduation
5.) All American Snacks
6.) All American Food
And Many, Many More!!!

4 Simple Steps & Timeline (Pre-Sales)
1.) TUF Gives FREE Live Presentations (Day 1)
2.) TUF Launches Fundraiser & Hand Out Order Forms (Day 3-Day 7) (Sell For 2 Weeks)
3.) TUF Collects Order Forms & Do Accounting (Day 17-Day 21)
4.) Pick Up Day @ Organization's Location (Day 31-Day 35)

***Whole Fundraiser Takes 4-5 Weeks Start To Finish***

BIG Profit Events (1 Day FR)
1.) Casino Nights
2.) Golf Tournaments
3.) Bowling Tournaments
4.) Dinners W/ Silent Auctions
5.) Beer/Whiskey/Scotch/Wine Tastings
And Many, Many More!!!

We Do ALL The work For The Event!
1.) Location
2.) Food
3.) Music
4.) Decorations
5.) Silent Auction & Raffle Items

***Your Organization Can Make From $5,000-$50,000+ in 1 Day!!!***

Types Of Organizations We Work With
1.) Schools
2.) School Programs
3.) Sports Teams
4.) Churches
5.) Charities/Non-Profits
6.) Bands & Art Programs
7.) Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
8.) Colleges & College Programs
9.) Government Organizations
10.) Large Companies


Here at The Ultimate Fundraiser, we live by the motto “Pay It Forward”. There is a tremendous power and positive energy in giving. Pay It Forward is a concept about people – from all walks of life – giving to someone else and making a positive difference. A single act of kindness, however insignificant, triggers another good deed and another, and another . . . It is by “Paying It Forward” that we encourage a cycle of generosity and kindness that inspires us to be better people.

So Why Pay It Forward?
1.) To encourage all of us to embrace the incredible power of giving.
2.) To show each other that we care and that there is love, hope and magic all around us.
3.) To know that we may only be one person in this world, but to one person, at one time, we are the world.

This spectacular concept is an incredible way to look at life and the way we run our Fundraisers. Not only do we pass along this concept from The Ultimate Fundraiser to the organizations that we work with, but we encourage you to adopt this motto when participating in our Fundraisers to inspire all the members of your organization. The Ultimate Fundraiser bases all that it does around this spectacular conceptual outlook on life and applies it to every act of our business so that we can best serve you and your organization while allowing you to raise more money than ever before!

Not only do we take tremendous pride in providing the best overall Fundraising experience for you and your organization, but we continue to learn and add to our Fundraiser every day which will give you some key clues to show you why we are head and shoulders above the rest. TUF gives FREE live in-person presentations for the leader of the organization, its board/parents and all of its members. These Live Presentations are truly beneficial to your organization as a whole and create a successful path for your future Fundraisers. Please call The Ultimate Fundraiser today to schedule your Live In-Person Presentation

Thank you for choosing The Ultimate Fundraiser for ALL your Fundraising and event needs!!!
We look forward to working with you!!!