TUF Will Give You VIP Treatment & The ABSOLUTE BEST Fundraisng Experience!

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Hawaii's ONLY Full-Service One-Stop-Shop Fundraising Company!!!

Hawaii's EASIEST & Most Profitable FREE Fundraiser!!!

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"The best part of TUF is that the fundraiser does not cost anything to start. The last thing one needs is to pay for a fundraiser when they are in need of money."
​-Darrell S.

"TUF made the whole fundraising process stress free; they were there for me every step of the way. TUF truly cares about their customers and their situations."
-Tioni T.

"TUF really sets up their customers up to succeed by providing great marketing materials and quality products."
-Marissa S

​​​​We GUARANTEE To Be Hawaii's BEST Fundraiser
Or We Will Give You $10,000 CASH!!!

Guaranteed Hawaii's Best Fundraiser, Find A Better Fundraiser & We Will Pay You $10,000 CASH!!! 

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GUARANTEED Hawaii's BEST Fundraising Company!!!


Fundraising Company!!!

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We here at The Ultimate Fundraiser really respect our clients and their opinions on our service. We take tremendous pride in providing the very BEST Fundraiser that this country has to offer! We always love to hear our customers feedback and we hope we can add you to our amazing testimonial list!

“The Ultimate Fundraiser is the best fundraiser in Hawaii!”
-Nani G.

“The Ultimate Fundraiser is the easiest fundraiser we have ever done!”
-Koa B.

“I raised more money with The Ultimate Fundraiser than all my other fundraisers combined!”
-Brittany O.

“The Ultimate Fundraiser really cares about our organization, our students and our families.”
-Jessica H.

“Our team needed money fast for our trip. The Ultimate Fundraiser helped us right away and did all the work for us. Now, we are not only able to afford to take our team, but we are also able to take a bunch of our family members too!”
-Mandy W.

“A few of our teams tried every fundraiser out there, but we still couldn’t raise what we needed. After doing just one fundraiser with TUF, we reach all of our fundraising goals and we even saved tons of time!”
-Coach Rick

“I would suggest The Ultimate Fundraiser to ANYONE that is looking to fundraise and TUF will be the only fundraiser I will use from now on!”
-Kelly R.

“Our students loved working with The Ultimate Fundraiser because they gave them some incredible prizes!”
-Mana T.

“The Ultimate Fundraiser took a lot of time working with our team. They were able to help us raise enough money for our equipment, our fees and even get us some amazing uniforms. We will use TUF for all of our team fundraisers from now on.”
-Coach Harry

“My family used The Ultimate Fundraiser to help raise money for my family vacation to Disneyland and they helped us reach all of our fundraising goals!”
-Leslie Y.

“The Ultimate Fundraiser did ALL the work for our entire fundraiser and they made it so easy for our teachers, students, families and our overall organization.”
-Brett P.

“The Ultimate Fundraiser provided our team with awesome marketing materials that helped our organization raise more money than ever before.”
-Cindy U.

“We are a small church that needed to raise a lot of money fast. We called TUF and they started our fundraiser right away and they treated us like we were family.”
-Patricia R.

“We loved all of the prizes that TUF gave our team along with helping us raise all the money we needed for our mainland tournament.”
-Rob F.

“We have done a lot of fundraisers in the past few years for our school, but none of them compare to The Ultimate Fundraiser. We would suggest TUF to any schools out there who are looking to raise a lot of money without having to do much work.”
-Brook B.

“Our church needed to raise money for our mission trip and The Ultimate Fundraiser helped us raise thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. If it wasn’t for TUF, we would have never raised enough money in time.”
-Becky T.

“I like the shopping spree they gave me to Ala Moana. I will sell even more next time so I can win the iPad!”
-Christy R.

“The Ultimate Fundraiser helped us throughout our entire fundraiser and gave us the greatest customer service.”
-Kyle Q.

“Our church was treated really well by TUF and we trust them with all of our fundraising needs.”
-Naomi V.

“The Ultimate Fundraiser is the best fundraiser we have ever done! We will use TUF over and over again for all of our fundraising needs! If you want the best fundraiser in the state of Hawaii, TUF is your company!”
-Kealoha K.

“TUF is the finest fundraiser me and my team has ever worked with. We raised more money with TUF than any other fundraiser we have ever done. TUF did everything for us and we couldn’t be happier. If you have a chance to work with TUF, we highly suggest you do so and we will guarantee your satisfaction!”
-Coach Kealii

“As a woman talking, I couldn’t have been any more comfortable with The Ultimate Fundraiser. They were very honest and upstanding throughout the our entire fundraiser process. We made more money than with TUF than any other fundraiser we have ever done. We will use them for all of our fundraisers!
-Coach Tina

“My school has been searching for a great fundraiser for years. We finally found The Ultimate Fundraiser and we were extremely happy that we finally found a fundraiser that made us a ton of money and did all of the work for us! We will work with TUF for the rest of our fundraisers and we will recommend TUF to ANY organization that wants or needs fundraisers.”
-Teacher Mary

“Our church used The Ultimate Fundraiser for all of our finances. We followed exactly what they said and we raised more money than we ever have before. We did multiple fundraisers with them and we endorse TUF for all of your fundraisers!”
-Kuulei M.

“FREE, EASY, PROFITABLE & FUN! What more can I say? The Ultimate Fundraiser was the best fundraiser we have ever done!
-Moki B.

“TUF was absolutely amazing! The most profitable fundraiser we have ever done! If you have one fundraiser to choose, definitely choose The Ultimate Fundraiser!”
-Joe P.

“If you want the best fundraiser in Hawaii, you unquestionably have to choose The Ultimate Fundraiser! Take it from me, you can’t find a better fundraiser anywhere!”
-Kamakoa L.

 “Do you have problems finding a great fundraiser for your organization? Well, look no further! TUF is unquestionably the finest fundraising company we have ever worked with! There is no doubt in my mind, that TUF is Hawaii’s best!”
-Thomas K.

“On any level you can imagine, TUF satisfied all of our fundraising needs! They helped us throughout the entire fundraiser and they made sure we were comfortable and taken care of the entire time. TUF is the best!”
-Malia M.

“Our Halau was very happy with TUF. There were always there for us and they took care of all of our members and their families. We have been fundraising for a lot of years and this was the most amazing fundraiser we have ever done!”
-Kuulei. K.

-Wahine Volleyball