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The Ultimate Fundraiser has the BIGGEST & BEST selection of Prizes of ANYFundraiser in the Country!!! The Ultimate Fundraiserprides itself on not only giving CASH back to the organizations and ALL of its members, but we also gives out the most INCREDIBLEPrizes! Most Fundraisers do one of 3 things for Prizes...1.) Give cruddy cheap Prizes 2.) Give 1 main Prize that only 1 person gets OR 3.) DOES'T give any Prizes at all! Here at TUF, we pride ourselves on being better than that! We give GUARANTEEDPrizes allowing EACH & EVERY member of the organization an equal opportunity to WINALL the Prizes. Not only that, but each member also has the opportunity to WIN the BIGGEST & BESTPrizes that we offer AND TUF PAYS FOR ALL OF THE PRIZES!!!




Sports Equipment

Las Vegas Vacations

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Brand New Bikes

Play Stations


Music Equipment

Flat Screen TVs


Shopping Sprees



School Supplies




We GUARANTEE To Have The BEST Prizes In The Country!!!

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Types Of Prizes
The Ultimate Fundraiser
has MANY different types of Prizes that organizations and its members can WIN. We at The Ultimate Fundraiser believe that we want to reward organizations & its members for ALL the hard work they do by honoring them with Prizes. Best of all, The Ultimate Fundraiser GUARANTEES that we have the BESTPrizes in the Country!!!

Early Bird Prizes
We LOVE to start Fundraisers off with a BANG! The way we do that, is by giving Early Bird Prizes to participating Members in an organization. This helps Members to participate early and highly increasing their overall sales. Our Early Bird Prizes have a wide range of options from Brand New Bikes, Wiis, Play Stations, XBOXs, iPads, Laptops, Flat Screen TVs, Trips To Las Vegas, CASH and we can even Customize them EXACTLY to your needs!!!

Individual Prizes
The first type are in the "Individual" Prizes that both organizations and members can WIN. We have TONS of Prizes in MANY categories that can be won like Toys, Vacations, Instruments, Electronics, Furniture, Household Items, Jewelry, Vehicles and MORE! Our Individual Prizes can be won by ANY immediate member in the organization and each member has the ability to WIN ANY Prize they want. Multiple members in an organization also have the ability to WIN and our BIGGESTPrizes no matter how many other members have already chosen that Prize! Our Individual Prizes are endless and our Prize List is being added to every day. If you have any other Individual Prize ideas, please contact The Ultimate Fundraiser.

Small Group Prizes
The second Prize category is the "Small Group" category for select organizations. Sometimes The Ultimate Fundraiser will split organizations into multiple small groups to compete against each other to encourage its members to push one another to raise more money for its organization. The winning group will WIN a great Prize such as a Pizza Party, Ice Cream Party or even tickets to the Water Park. It not only gives a competitive fun edge to the Fundraiser, but TUF also gives out incredible Prizes for the best group.

Orgnaization Prizes
The third prize category is "Organization" Prizes. We not only give Prizes to individual members, Small Groups but we also give Organization Prizes and Prizes for the organizations. These Prizes are generally Prizes that are fun and can be shared not only the members, but also for their Families and anyone associated with the organization. These are Prizes that can be won by an ENTIRE organization throughout the Fundraiser. These Prizes range from amusement park tickets, to sporting events, to concerts, trips or vacations, to material Prizes such asuniforms, instruments or sports equipment, to even having the organization choose its ownOrganization Prizes!

Leader/Coaches/Teacher Prizes
That's right, TUF gives Prizes even to the Leaders, Coaches & Teachers of an organization. These people who run the organizations do ALL of the work and are always looked over. Now it is time to acknowledge them for ALL of their efforts. We here at TUF like to acknowledge these Leaders and reward for ALL of their hard work! We give all sorts of
Prizes to these Leaders such as Trips, Vacation and Shopping Sprees.

FREE Prizes
Believe it or not, giving Members/Kids in an organization FREEPrizes, works incredibly well! Whether it be a School, School Program or even a Sports Teams, giving Members/KidsFREEPrizes really motivates and drives Members/Kids. We help teach an organization what FREEPrizes to give such as "Get Of Jail For FREE", "No Running Pass", "Extra Playtime/Recess" and MANY more! TUF will teach you the BEST FREE Prizes to give, how to give them and the most effective way to use them!

Customized Prizes
As you can see, we give TONS of AMAZINGPrizes! On top of these INCREDIBLE Prizes, we also allow you and your organization to Customize your own Prizes for your Fundraiser! Whether you are a School, Church, Charity, Sports Team or Family, if you think that certain Prizes will motivate your organization and your members, we allow you to Customize those PrizesEXACTLY to your needs! You can name ANY Prize and we will make sure to provide it for your organization and ALL of your Members!

Here at The Ultimate FundraiserALWAYS appreciate your opinions and want to hear what feedback you have. We are always open to more Prize suggestions and thoughts to make our Fundraiser better overall. We accept special Prizes requests from organizations if they have something particular in mind. All special Prize requests must be cleared by The Ultimate Fundraiser. If you have any Prize ideas, please contact The Ultimate Fundraiser. Thanks!

"The best part of TUF is that the fundraiser does not cost anything to start. The last thing one needs is to pay for a fundraiser when they are in need of money."
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"TUF made the whole fundraising process stress free; they were there for me every step of the way. TUF truly cares about their customers and their situations."
-Tioni T.

"TUF really sets up their customers up to succeed by providing great marketing materials and quality products."
-Marissa S

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