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GUARANTEED Hawaii's BEST Fundraising Company!!!

-Home Care
-Special Birthdays
-Lifetime Vacations
-Bucket Lists
-Retirement Fund

-Registration Fees
-Sports Uniforms
-Sports Equipment
-BIG Events (Superbowl,
World Series, Etc…)

-Family Vacations
-Family Reunions
-Special Trips
-Lifetime Want List

Natural Disasters/
​Weather Tragedies
-House Fires
-Dust Storm
-Snow Storm

Supplemental Income
-Retirement Fund

Jail Bail/Tickets
-Speeding Tickets
-Parking Tickets

Business/New Business
-Start Up Costs

Reunions (Family & Graduation)
-Travel Expenses
-Reunion Party/Celebration

-Party Expenses
-Venue Costs
-Extras (Photo Booth, Chocolate Fountain, Etc.)

Birthday/Birthday Party
-Baby Luaus

-School Travel Trips
-Private School Tuition
-School Uniforms
-Field Trips
-School Supplies
-Back To School Clothes

-Graduation Party
-Cap & Gown
-Class Ring
-Graduation Day Expenses

-Food/Meal Plan
-Moving Expenses

-Wedding Anniversary
-Dating Anniversary
-Special Occasions

-Baby Shower
-Bar Mitzvah
-Bat Mitzvah
-Sweet 16
-Christmas Presents
-Doctor Appts

-Valentine’s Day
-Mother’s Day
-Father’s Day
-4th Of July
-New Year’s Eve

Family Fundraiser Categories & Sub-Categories

Main Categories
-Major Life Events
-Life Tragedies/Misfortunes
-Family Events

-Bridal Shower

-Funeral Director Services
-Funeral Services

Medical Bills
-Cancer Treatments/Costs
-Doctor Bills
-Healthcare Insurance
-Diabetes Treatments
-Hospital Visits
-Dentists Bills

Housing Bills
-House Down Payment
-House Projects/Renovations
-Housing Furniture

Personal Bills
-Cell Phone
-Car Insurance
-Storage Fees

-Family Vacations
-Travel Expenses
-Airline Fares
-Car Rentals

Aloha To ALL,

You are either on this page because you are a Parent, Family Member or Friend of a Member of a Fundraiser with TUF OR you on this page looking for a Family Fundraiser. Either way, you are in the EXACT right spot!

We here at TUF take great pride in helping EVERYONE with ANY & ALL of their Financial Needs! We would love to help you and your Family in your time of need. We are the ONLY Family Fundraising Company in the state of Hawaii and one of the ONLY Fundraising Companies in the Country that do Family Fundraisers.

Below, you will find a TON of Categories & Sub-Categories of ways we can help you with your Family Fundraiser. We have included many of the Main Categories that we help Families with, but even if you don’t see an option that fits your needs, please know we will help you Fundraise for ANY reason at ANYtime! In short, we are not only your ONLY Family Fundraising Option In Hawaii, but we are “Your BEST Fundraising Option”!!!

*The Ultimate Fundraiser is "Hawaii's EASIEST & Most Profitable FREE Fundraiser!!!"*

Fundraising with The Ultimate Fundraiser

Here at TUF, we take great pride in our work and the services we offer, constantly aspiring to fulfill our mission of helping organizations grow and succeed. Allowing us to "Take The Headache Out Of Fundraising" will be one of the BEST decisions you will make for your organization. Over the duration of our time together, you will soon realize the incredible benefits we provide and why The Ultimate Fundraiser is one of the leading ground-breaking companies in the industry. We provide different type of Pre-Sale Fundraisers that can be tailored EXACTLY to your needs. We also organize and execute Big Profit Events at no cost to you along with MANY MANY MANY other Fundraising options!
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Best Part About The Ultimate Fundraiser
  • TUF Services are TOTALLY FREE!
  • We Do ALL The Work For You And Your Organization!
  • We Can Help You Raise More Money Than Any Other Fundraiser!
  • We GUARANTEE You Can Reach Your Fundraising Goals If You Follow Our System!
  • Earn 30-70% With Our Pre-Sale Fundraisers! We Will Customize The Fundraiser To Your Needs!

​How TUF Benefits You
The Ultimate Fundraiser is a new concept Fundraiser that gives you an outstanding program, we are head and shoulders above our competition and here is what we offer you:
  • Virtually No Effort Needed From You As the Leader of Your Group/Family!
  • This Fundraiser Doesn't Cost You A Penny! So, There's NO RISK To You!
  • No Handling Of Products!
  • No Order-Taking!
  • No Handling Of Money For Parents, Teachers Or Even Kids!
  • Variety of Fundraisers to Choose From!​

  • We GUARANTEE To Provide Exemplary Customer Service!
  • We GUARANTEE To Increase And Maximize Your Earning Potential!
  • We GUARANTEE To Understand And Know Your Needs Better Than Any Other Fundraiser!
  • We GUARANTEE The BEST Prizes In The Country!

Categories of Pre-Sale Fundraisers
  • Hawaiian Food
  • Hawaiian Snacks
  • Meat & Seafood
  • All American Snacks
  • All American Food
  • Lei & Graduation Fundraiser

Four Simple Steps & Timeline (Pre-Sales)
1.) TUF Gives Free Live Presentations (Day 1)
2.) TUF Launches Fundraiser & Hands Out Order Forms (Day 3-7)
      (Sell for 2 Weeks)
3.) TUF Collects Order Froms & Does Accounting (Day 17-21)
4.) Pick Up Day at Organization's Location (Day 31-35)
The entire fundraiser from start to finish takes 4-5 weeks. 

Materials We Supply You With 
​We provide you with all the necessary Marketing Materials that you need for your Fundraiser. This includes the sales order forms and posters to pass out and put up at various locations, e.g. church bulletin board. We have also set up the TUF Assistant, through which we send emails and updates to organization members. All of this is at no cost to you!

Large Profit Fundraisers
We also organize and execute large profit fundraisers and can customize it to your liking.
  • Dinner with Silent Auction
  • Gold Tournaments
  • Casino Night
  • Your Organization Can Make $5000-$50,000 With Just One Event.



Choice of Pre-Sale Fundraisers

Services We Provide

TUF Will Give You VIP Treatment & The ABSOLUTE BEST Fundraisng Experience!

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Hawaii's ONLY Full-Service One-Stop-Shop Fundraising Company!!!

"TUF made the whole fundraising process stress free; they were there for me every step of the way. TUF truly cares about their customers and their situations."
-Tioni T.

"TUF really sets up their customers up to succeed by providing great marketing materials and quality products."
-Marissa S

​​​​We GUARANTEE To Be Hawaii's BEST Fundraiser
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Guaranteed Hawaii's Best Fundraiser, Find A Better Fundraiser & We Will Pay You $10,000 CASH!!! 

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"The best part of TUF is that the fundraiser does not cost anything to start. The last thing one needs is to pay for a fundraiser when they are in need of money."
​-Darrell S.