The Ultimate Fundraiser has many different components to it to help it run smoothly and each section has many
responsibilities. For this reason, we have not only made FAQ's for TUF, but also FAQ's for each individual section of the fundraiser. We hope that you find all the answers to your questions on this page and if you have any questions
that aren't answered here, please feel free to email The Ultimate Fundraiser any questions that you have so we can best serve you and your organization.


1Q.) How much does it cost for my Organization to sign up with TUF?


2Q.) What states does TUF do fundraisers in?

2A.) ALL 50 States!

3Q.) What types of Organization's does TUF do fundraisers for?

3A.) ANY type of organization looking to raise money INCLUDING Families!

Q.) What are the start up costs?
A.) There are NO start up costs!

Q.) What are the minimum sales requirements?
A.) There are NO minimum sale requirements!

4Q.) What is the minimum number of members an organization needs to sign up with TUF?

4A.) There are NO minimum amount of members in order to do a fundraiser with TUF.

Q.) Who does TUF do fundraisers for?
          1.) Schools
          2.) Churches
          3.) Charities
          4.) Sports Teams
          5.) Families (Medical Bills, Reunions & Family Vacations & MORE!!!)

Q.) What percentage do I earn through TUF?
A.) Depending on the type of Pre-Sale Fundraiser, you can earn anywhere from 30%-50%. With Our BIG Profit Events, you can earn anywhere from $5,000-$100,000 in just one day!

10Q.) How long are the fundraisers?

10A.) We keep all our fundraisers nice and concise so you can do more fundraisers in a shorter period of time earning you more money. For Pre-Sale Fundraisers, they last anywhere from 4-5 weeks start to finish. With our BIG Profit Events, they take anywhere from 2-6 months to prepare and complete.

12Q.) When do I get paid for my fundraiser?

12A.) One of the very BEST aspects about our fundraisers, is you get paid the exact same day
that your fundraiser ends AND you get paid in CASH so you can utilize the money
right away!

Q.) What are my fundraising options?
A.) We customize the fundraiser EXACTLY to your needs and you even get choose every aspect that you ant to make it a perfect fundraiser for your organization.

13Q.) What is the TUF Assistant?

13A.) TUF Assistant is a section of The Ultimate Fundraiser which was created to help organizations and all its members. TUF Assistant is an easy to use program that allows your organization and all its members the ability to send emails, send and/or print marketing materials and provide scripts to help spread the word about the fundraiser and make the overall TUF experience as easy as possible along with maximizing your profits.

18Q.) How soon can I start a fundraiser?

18A.) TUF can start your fundraiser as soon as 48-72 hours!

Q.) What if I know someone or an organization that wants to start a fundraiser?
A.) Just call us and give us that organizations info and we will give you a referral bonus of $100 CASH!

Q.) How do you product prices compare to competitors?

A.) We have absolutely the VERY BEST priced fundraising products in the country AND our products are even CHEAPER than retail prices ON TOP of giving you a great percentage!!! Why do we lower our price you ask??? Where every other fundraising company increases their prices so they can make more money, we lower our prices to give your customers, family and friends the VERY BEST deal giving them the ability to buy more product, want to buy more product during the next fundraiser and make you feel good that you are giving your customers, family and friends the VERY BEST products at the VERY BEST prices!

Q.) What type of fundraisers do you have?

A.) Since we are a one-stop-shop for fundraising, we can basically do ANYTHING that you can think of in the fundraising field. Our main type of fundraisers include Pre-Sale Fundraisers (Hawaiian Snacks, Hawaiian Food, Meat & Seafood & Lei Fundraisers), BIG Profit Events (Casino Nights, Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions, Etc…) to even The Ultimate Ride (Sell, Buy, Trade & many other services). On top of that, we are expanding each and every day in order to give you and your organization the very BEST fundraising opportunities!

Q.) Does TUF give prizes?
A.) Yes, TUF gives the absolute BEST prizes of any fundraising company in the entire country! We give prizes for individuals, kids and even adults ranging everywhere from Shopping Sprees, Brand New Bikes, XBOXs, Wiis, Laptops, iPads and even Flat Screen TVs! On top of that we give prizes to the whole organization like Pizza Parties, Ice cream Parties, Sports Equipment, Music Equipment, School Supplies, Scholarships & even CASH! The BEST aspect of our prizes, is that they are ALL GUARANTEED and are fully paid for by TUF!


Q.) How do I get more info or even sign up for TUF?
A.) Not only can you get all the information you need on our website, but we even do FRE Live In-Person Presentations where we come to your organization and show you how we can customize the fundraiser exactly to your needs. All you
need to do is contact us and we will set up a presentation for you and anyone else in your organization right away.

Q.) How much work do I have to do for the fundraiser?
A.) You virtually don’t have to do any work at all! We at The Ultimate Fundraiser take tremendous pride in providing you the best overall customer service along with doing all the work for the entire fundraiser so you can concentrate on your everyday life, your organization and your family.

Q.) When does my organization get paid our profits?
A.) Immediately! We are the fastest paying fundraising company in the country!  The same day you hand in your fundraising packets, you get your money right then and there in CASH!

Q.) Can we do all of our fundraising through TUF?
A.) Yes, we are a one-stop shop for fundraising and we are here to help ALL your fundraising needs!

Q.) How do I start a fundraiser for my organization?
A.) You can either sign up here on our website, or preferably give us a call so we can set up a FREE Live In-Person Presentation for you and your organization.


Q.) What is my role as a parent/family member?
A.) Your main job is to help your child with the fundraiser in every way you can. You can help them create a list of family and friends with their phone numbers and emails. You can also help your child by assisting them with the phone calls and emails when they get to the important part of the sale. You can also help by taking the packets and products with you to work or church. Also, in this day and age, utilizing social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very helpful too.

Q.) How can I raise more money faster with TUF?
A.) We ALWAYS encourage as many family/friends of the fundraising member to help throughout the fundraiser. We provide each fundraising member a number of marketing materials to pass out to other family/friends to help throughout the
course of the fundraiser. If you need more marketing materials for family/friends that want to help, TUF always gives extra materials to the Leader of the fundraiser and we also provide printable versions of all of our marketing materials here on our website.

Q.) What if I have already reached my financial fundraising goals for myself or for my child?
A.) Here at TUF, we live by the motto of Pay It Forward. If you have already reached your goals, we ask that you “Pay It Forward” by helping another child reach their goals that may need some help. In almost every organization, there are other children who need extra financial help, so please do your best to help another child and their family.

Q.) What if I have more than one child in an organization?
A.) We always respectfully ask that you help each child equally. Each child wins his/her own prizes, so please make sure that each child has equal opportunity to reach their goals.


1Q.) How much does it cost to be a Vendor with TUF?


3Q.) How can I become a Vendor with TUF?

3A.) By signing up here on our website or calling us today. Please check out our "Vendor" page for details.

Q.) What is a “Vendor” with TUF?
A.) TUF considers a Vendor which is a business which provides a product or service to their customers and wants to provide their customers with another option to purchase or upgrade that particular product or service. In other words…help your customers pay for a current product/service or upgrade their product/service with you. In simple terms…help them spend more money on your business.

Q.) What is the benefits of being a Vendor with TUF?
A.) Partnering with TUF will allow you another avenue to help attract new customers along with helping your current customers spend more money with your business. We provide your new and current customers an option to fundraise to pay for your products or services along with helping them afford products or services that they (and you) wish they could afford. In short, we will help them spend more money with your business.

4Q.) What does TUF provide to Vendors?

4A.) TUF provides Vendors with all the marketing materials they need for FREE & also have a customer service line for any questions that you may have.

5Q.) How do I earn money as a Vendor with TUF?

5A.) There are 2 simple ways. First, you can receive a referral bonus just by providing TUF a warm lead of one of your customers. Second, once that customer fundraises with TUF, the first “X” percentage of money that they raise will/must be spent with
your business. Either way, it is very lucrative for your business.

6Q.) Can a Vendor also be a Merchant with TUF?

6A.) Yes. You can be BOTH a Vendor and a Merchant with TUF. We encourage it!

7Q.) How do I get more FREE marketing materials from TUF when I run out?

7A.) Simply give TUF a call and request more materials. They will either be hand delivered or mailed to your location.

***If you would like more information, please visit our “Vendors” page and/or give us a call.***


1Q.) How much does it cost to be a Merchant with TUF?


3Q.) How can I become a Merchant with TUF?

3A.) By signing up here on our website or calling us today. Please check out our "Merchant" page for details.

Q.) What is a “Merchant” for TUF?
A.) A Merchant is a business that provides TUF with a product or service that TUF uses in their fundraisers. This could be anywhere from a food item, to a trinket, to a service. If you would like TUF to utilize your product/service in
their fundraisers, please call us today.

Q.) Can a Merchant also be a Vendor with TUF?
A.) Yes. You can be BOTH a Merchant and a Vendor with TUF. We encourage it!

***If you would like more information, please visit our “Merchants” page and/or give us a call.***

The Ultimate Ride
Q.) What are your services?
A.) Our Top 10 Services are…

1.) Buy
2.) Sell (& Self Finance)
3.) Trade
4.) Repair
5.) Tow
6.) We Store Vehicles
7.) Sell Parts
8.) Full Service Cleaning/Detailing
9.) Donations
10.) We Find Your PERFECT Vehicle!!!

Q.) What kind of vehicles do you buy, sell or trade?
A.) We buy basically ANY type of vehicle/ride. This includes cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, mopeds, boats, jetskiis, waverunners, dirt bikes, quads, segways and pretty much anything you can ride!

Q.) How do you prices compare to other competitors?
A.) We guarantee to have absolutely the BEST prices compared to our competitors!

Q.) Where do the profits go?
A.) We use our proceeds and profits from the vehicles to not only fund our
local fundraisers and provide free fundraising for the community, but we also donate the money to local Charities.

Q.) How does your referral program work?
A.) Since we try to spend very little on our marketing and advertising in order to put the money back into the community, we have a referral program to help spread the word about our services. This is great for you, because we will pay you for EASH & EVERY successful referral you give us! So, call us today if you or anyone you know has vehicle needs!

Q.) What is your “We Find Your PERFECT Ride” Program?
A.) One of the VERY BEST aspects about The Ultimate Ride, is that we will find you your PERFECT ride for you! All you do is give us the specs of your vehicle and exactly what you are looking for, we then go your vehicle for you! This way you don’t have to waste your time researching, calling, looking at vehicles and save you the overall headache of looking for a car. Not only that we will find it for you in a timely manner AND give it to you for the VERY BEST price in the area!

Q.) What is the “Vehicle Sign Program
A.) We developed the vehicle sign program to not only benefit our business, but also to benefit you. The basic concept is that we pay you to put our signage on your vehicle giving us advertising while you drive around and depending on a few factors such as the length of the time you will have the signage on your vehicle and how much you drive, we compensate you with our incredible products or even with CASH! If you are interested, please contact us.


"The best part of TUF is that the fundraiser does not cost anything to start. The last thing one needs is to pay for a fundraiser when they are in need of money."
​-Darrell S.

"TUF made the whole fundraising process stress free; they were there for me every step of the way. TUF truly cares about their customers and their situations."
-Tioni T.

"TUF really sets up their customers up to succeed by providing great marketing materials and quality products."
-Marissa S

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