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Hawaii's ONLY Full-Service One-Stop-Shop Fundraising Company!!!

Hawaii's EASIEST & Most Profitable FREE Fundraiser!!!

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"The best part of TUF is that the fundraiser does not cost anything to start. The last thing one needs is to pay for a fundraiser when they are in need of money."
​-Darrell S.

"TUF made the whole fundraising process stress free; they were there for me every step of the way. TUF truly cares about their customers and their situations."
-Tioni T.

"TUF really sets up their customers up to succeed by providing great marketing materials and quality products."
-Marissa S

​​​​We GUARANTEE To Be Hawaii's BEST Fundraiser
Or We Will Give You $10,000 CASH!!!

Guaranteed Hawaii's Best Fundraiser, Find A Better Fundraiser & We Will Pay You $10,000 CASH!!! 

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GUARANTEED Hawaii's BEST Fundraising Company!!!


Fundraising Company!!!

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About The Ultimate Fundraiser
The Ultimate Fundraiser the One-Stop-Shop Fundraiser for your organization. We are a TOTALLY FREE Fundraising company where we do ALL the work for the entire Fundraiser. We cover every aspect of each and everyFundraiser providing you and your organization the utmost Fundraising experience along with taking tremendous pride in providing you with the very BEST customer service in the country! We are a company that covers every aspect of Fundraising that you can imagine allowing you to Customize each and every Fundraiser you do with us EXACTLY to your needs. We have many categories of fundraising such as Pre-Sale Fundraisers with the very BEST products, BIG Profit Events such as Casino Nights, Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions, etc…, The Ultimate Ride (Vehicle/Car Fundraising), TUF’s Online Mall and we are even expanding into many other aspects of Fundraising to give you and your organization the full Fundraising experience!

We take incredible pride in being able to provide you and your organization the very BEST products at the very BEST prices all while giving you the opportunity to make the most amount of money per Fundraiser anywhere in the country! We do everything we can to make sure that we “Take The Headache Out Of Fundraising” and ensure you and your organization that we are “Your BEST Fundraising Option”One of the BEST aspects of The Ultimate Fundraiser is that we have a “Pay It Forward” motto. We believe that with this motto, it serves everyone involved with the Fundraiser and allows everyone to prosper. There is tremendous power and positive energy in giving. Pay It Forward is a concept about people – from all walks of life – giving to someone else and making a positive difference. A single act of kindness, however insignificant, triggers another good deed and another, and another . . . It is by “Paying It Forward” that we encourage a cycle of generosity and kindness that inspires us to be better people.
Why We Created This Company
We created this company for 2 main reasons. First, we wanted to revolutionize the Fundraising industry. Let’s face it…It’s the same old products with the same exact lack of customer service that this industry has seen for decades. The Fundraising industry hasn’t changed in over 30 years and it needs a new revamped Fundraising style that has never been seen before. We wanted to create a Full-Service Fundraising Company that not only catered to each organization, but also Customized each Fundraiser EXACTLY to the organization’s needs. And guess what, that is what we have created! Second, we wanted to give back to the local communitiesin a way that has never been done before. We are not just a Fundraising company, we are a Community Company! We wanted to present organizations the opportunity to do a TOTALLY FREE Fundraiser while being able to support local businesses and local charities all at the same time. ALL of our products in our Fundraisers are completely local and we use our proceeds to support local organizations and charities. Up to 90% of our proceeds goes right back into the community to help another organization, teacher, coach, student, child or even family. Not only do we provide an exceptional Fundraising model, but we “Pay It Forward” by giving back right here in our local community.

Owner’s Bio
I was born and raised right here in Kailua, Hawai'i in the mid 80's with great parents along with being blessed with a pesky little brother. My family came to Hawaii in the early 1950’s before Hawaii was even a state. My mom was born and raised in Hawaii graduating from a local high school and becoming Junior Miss Hawaii in 1976. My father has been here since the mid 1960’s being one of Hawaii’s top salesman with IBM in the tech industry. Along with having tons of family still here including Aunties & Uncles and my 86-year-old Tutu who is still spunky as ever and 
lives in Kailua.

Throughout my childhood in Hawai'i, I played every sport imaginable, thanks to my Dad’s great influence. With my mom being one of Hawaii’s top Opera Singer’s, I even participated in the arts throughout my childhood and I still have a great appreciation of it today. It was a good mix of the two aspects, which kept me well balanced and yes, I did Fundraisers to support all the teams and organizations I was a part of. I loved growing up in Hawaii. I went to the BEST schools Hawaii has to offer, went to an amazing church and played every sport imaginable. Even though I love Hawai'i, my family moved to Florida where I lived for 7 years all the way through high school. I then moved to the west coast where I went to many colleges, playing college baseball and working many different jobs. I was then able to find my passion in business by entering in the Fundraising field while feeling incredible because I was able to give back to the Community. I knew the Fundraising industry was lacking that new idea, so I started my own Fundraising business in LA. On a vacation visiting family in Hawai'i, I realized that it had the same exact Fundraisers as when I grew up here. So, I decided to move my business to Hawai'i and help the local community. I have spent the last few years here and absolutely love being back home and it feels amazing to be able to contribute to my Hawai'i Ohana!!!

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